Keri and her husband just finished building their first house. She has been with the Yes Please Team for almost two years and brings with her a developed sense of leadership and maturity. Her favorite drink to make for customers is a cappuccino. Kerri’s favorite drink to enjoy for herself is an Americano with caramel sauce.

Tressa has been with the YES Please! team for six years. She has been nominated for regional best barista awards and has a solid reputation for being at the window at 4:30 AM every morning and on time. Tressa is most proud of her skills as a mother as she has raised four girls. Her favorite drink to make for customers is a latte and her personal favorite is drip coffee with cream.
Britta is the longest working employee YES Please! has ever had. She is currently going on thirteen years and has worked every shift possible. She has been assistant manager and now her title can more accurately be called assistant to Rebecca. Britta has a wonderful demeanor at the window and a loyalty to her job that is rare. Her favorite drink to make customers is classic latte and her favorite drink to enjoy is a cup of black coffee.

Kennedy has an impeccable reputation for being able to handle whatever comes her way. Kennedy was the YES Please! assistant manager before attending University of Washington on a full time basis where she consistently makes the honor roll. Currently she works at YES Please! as a barista during the hectic morning shifts or any time Rebecca needs her. Kennedy’s favorite drink to make customers is an iced caramel macchiato, layered not stirred and her favorite drink to make herself is an Americano with vanilla & cream.

Brittney brings five years of coffee experience to the team and yet she has managed to gel seamlessly into the YES Please fold while adapting to our process and excellence standards. Brittany has a ton of enthusiasm, can talk with anyone and she has a disarming way of making everyone she meets feel important. Her favorite drink is a blended white chocolate and her favorite drink to make is a dry cappuccino.


They call her "boss lady" — in a really good way! She has over 20 years of coffee experience and has successfully operated our family run business for 12 years.

Natalie is an athlete, a student and now after five months with YesPleaseCoffee she is also a Barista. Natalie is super positive and not only brings good energy to the team, she also brings fresh style too. Her own favorite drink is a White Wolf with Almond Milk and her favorite drink to make is a Marine Layer. "The Marine Layer is super unique and fun to mke for customers," she says. Natalie energizes a room and YES Please! Coffee is excited to have her on board.


Luke stands out as our man amongst a group of strong ladies. He is never afraid to get his hands dirty inside or outside the shop. Sometimes you might see Luke mowing the grass but you will mostly see him behind the bar making supremely crafted espresso drinks. Luke’s favorite to make for customers is an iced caramel macchiato. His favorite drink to make for himself is a lemon bar smoothie.


Camille has reunited with our YES Please! Team after a few years focusing on her two children. Ten years ago Camille was our assistant manager and leader among our team of baristas. We are super grateful to have her on board again. Camille’s professionalism and experience in the craft elevate our team and every employee enjoys working with her. She provides an authentic coffee experience for our guests. Her favorite drink to make is a layered iced caramel macchiato and she enjoys a simple black Americano.