We feel that the origin of milk — as well as the farming and processing practices — is just as important as with sourcing coffee. We serve milk naturally rich in vitamin D, calcium and protein. These nutrients remain in Smith Bros. Milk as the result of the most minimal pasturization process. Mega dairys like Lucerne and Kirkland recieve their milk from cows as far east as New Jersey and use an ultra pasturization process which results in a 60+ day shelf life, depleting all the natural nutrients. Ultra pasturized milk is not fresh and has no flavor. We have been serving Smith Bros. Dairy since the day we opened and it comes fresh to our store  every other day. ​
At YES Please! Coffee  one of our key business practices is partnering with companies in Washington that do more than just service profit and transaction. We build business relationships with companies of an equal mindset.

Proudly serving Cutters Point Coffee roasted 12 miles down the road in Gig Harbor, WA. Directly sourced beans from farmers around the globe, Artisan roasted in small batches by a master roaster. Consistency in this roasting process has helped create a loyal following in our community. Our customers know they will receive the same great taste every time.

Seattle's all natural, nut free Bakery! Handmade, great-grandma style baked goods adhereing to a local, non GMO, all natural and nut free ingredient list. No artifical anything! 

​With the purchase of our cobranded Miir products you will help give clean water to one person in need for one year. See where your Miir product is giving clean water by registering your tumbler or water bottle on their website.

​"We love working locally. Our roots have run deep in Seattle for over 30 years so ​YES Please! Coffee  was a perfect match for us. We're extremely excited to share our enthusiasm for vintage neon with Rebecca, Devon and the city of Port Orchard." — ​Western Neon